Assessing the requirement for a pre?exposure prophylaxis system making use of the social websites app Grindr

Assessing the requirement for a pre?exposure prophylaxis system making use of the social websites app Grindr

B Hampel

1 Division of transmittable sickness and medical center Epidemiology, school medical facility Zurich, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of health Virology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

K Kusejko

1 Division of transmittable disorders and medical center Epidemiology, institution healthcare facility Zurich, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of hospital Virology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

DL Braun

1 unit of Infectious conditions and Hospital Epidemiology, institution medical Zurich, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of hospital Virology, University of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

J Harrison?Quintana

3 manager of Grindr for equivalence, la, CA, USA,

R Kouyos

1 Division of transmittable sickness and medical center Epidemiology, University medical facility Zurich, college of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

2 Institute of Medical Virology, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,

J Fehr

1 section of transmittable ailments and medical Epidemiology, school Hospital Zurich, institution of Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland,



HIV pre?exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP ) is not at all recognized in Switzerland and for that reason needs to be bought from the customers on their own. We all done a study to learn whether boys could love-making with guy ( MSM ) in Switzerland seem to be getting Pr EP , or are thinking about using it, and be it becoming used under health related direction or don’t.


Grindr® is actually a geosocial networks application for MSM . Between 5 and 24 January 2017, people that use the app have been tucked within Switzerland by an international placing technique ( GPS ) were need to participate in a ten?question study on Pr EP usage.


Of 2455 individuals that took part through the study, 1893 happened to be part of the studies. Eighty?two players (4.3percent) stated that they were at present taking Pr EP , 64 of who (78per cent) asserted they certainly were under surgical direction. Seven Pr EP individuals (9per cent) announced they had not taken an HIV taste around the previous year. Nine hundred and forty?four (49.9%) comprise considering using Pr EP in the next six months, and 1474 (77.9per cent) had been contemplating using they in the course of the long term.


In an internet analyze practiced among intimately productive MSM in Switzerland, merely a section with the anyone reached responded that they had been at this time making use of Pr EP . But almost all of participants are deciding on using Pr EP in the future. We discovered excellent percentage of Pr EP users using Pr EP outside a medical environment. Thus, a national system assisting entry to health care and providing Pr EP is actually urgently recommended.


HIV pre?exposure prophylaxis (preparation) identifies making use of antiretroviral treatment to stop HIV problems. Big tests have established large efficacy of steady 1, 2 or intermittent 3 preparation utilization of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate/emtricitabine (TDF/FTC; Truvada®) in high?risk populations. Preparation was actually authorized by the as well as medication administration (FDA) associated with the American in 2012. Through the years, preparation has really become accessible under different problems in a lot of various countries.

In Switzerland, anticipation methods have resulted in a stabilizing regarding the HIV crisis over the past decade 4. However, there are a considerable number of recently spotted HIV problems each and every year. Guy possess love with guy (MSM) include a lot of suffering cluster, conducive almost half many new HIV medical diagnoses, showing that a subgroup of MSM has not been attained by active avoidance options. In this particular situation, PrEP may be a powerful concept complementing the available HIV deterrence approaches. TDF/FTC is absolutely not approved for preparation use within Switzerland. However, the Federal profit for reproductive health posted tips about ideas on how to watch persons having PrEP and holds its incorporate for the people at dangerous for becoming contaminated with HIV 5.

Nevertheless, it really is not clear quantity people are having preparation in Switzerland or will be looking at it. Information from social media and the European core for problem Management (ECDC) American preparation surveys suggest escort girls in Cambridge that there are certainly numerous folks in Switzerland already utilizing simple TDF/FTC gotten through on the web drugstore without any professional medical guidance. These people are in danger of building drug?related complications just like opposition 6 and side-effects. Plus, in instances where condoms are not put, contracting some other sexually transmissible attacks (STIs) way more most likely 7.

In order to acquire reports the number of individuals already getting Preparation in Switzerland, and to measure the acceptance of PrEP among intimately effective MSM in Switzerland, we performed an on-line review the MSM networks software Grindr® (Grindr LLC, Los Angeles, Ca, American). The purpose of the research would be to evaluate the demand during the MSM community for a national PrEP plan in addition to the actual and possible variety of preparation consumers in Switzerland.



Grindr® are a geosocial networking application for smart phones and tablets like the ipad, created to let MSM to fulfill additional guy in area via geolocation. It goes with apple’s ios and Android os. Along with 6.5 million effective people every month, as stated in information supplied by the company Grindr LLC, Grindr® is one of popular mobile phone app for any MSM area worldwide. Between 5 and 24 January 2017, individuals who use the Grindr® application who have been situated in Switzerland by an international positioning system (GPS) had been questioned to participate inside survey. Issue appeared in the 3 nationwide languages expressed in Switzerland, that is,. German, French and Italian, plus in french on alternating times. Making sure that anonymity, the analyze appeared on an impartial page . Anyone could choose from these four dialects. Once the individuals experienced complete the survey, a cookie protected against these people from participating once more from your very same electronic device. To create an excellent responses rates, all of us stored the analyze as small as you can, with the expected time you’ll need for a participant to undertake the research getting 1 min. For query 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8, responses from all people had been integrated whether a response was handed or maybe not. Concerns 4 and 5 are only factored in where problem 3 is responded to ina positive manner All of us granted entry to the informatioin needed for PrEP in every four tongues and given contact of HIV professionals in Switzerland towards individuals. The survey is actually offered in Number ? Figure1 1 .

The review questionnaire. Pr EP , pre?exposure prophylaxis.

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